What are you preparing for?

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What are you preparing for?

Post by Emsdetten47 »

In some way or another, there will come a time when a person may need to rely on some form of prior preparations. Whether this be from a man-made disaster, natural disaster, financial collapse both globally or domestically, a pandemic, loss of income, the list is endless.
If the last few years has shown us, life does not operate as smoothly as we would like it. If it has and nothing has affected you, then hats off to you but for many it has certainly been an eye opener.

Feel free to start a topic on an area that you have considered to be an area worth prepping for.
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Re: What are you preparing for?

Post by Beckinoz »

I’ve been preparing for a few things over the years but I suppose in light of this ‘plandemic’, I am now preparing for social collapse.
TBH, I’m not sure what I should be prepping for so it would be great to hear other people’s opinions ☺️
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